All-Natural Herbal Insomnia Cure

Soothing Herbs for a Restful Night’s Sleep

Hop pillows have long been known for their sleep-inducing properties, but more conventional modern herbal mixtures are just as effective and can also be used to give a general pleasing fragrance to a room. This mixture is a useful basic recipe, but any dried herbs of your choice can be used. Be sure to check out the other numerous sachet and herbal pillow recipes found in the blog under the Miscellaneous Category. Another wonderful and simple sleep inducing herbal combination is Grandma’s Lavender Sachets & Pillows, or An Herbal Pillow to Soothe the Nerves and Quieten the Brain

1 cup dried mint

1 cup dried lavender

1 cup dried lemon verbena

1 cup dried lemon thyme

3 cups dried lemon scented geranium leaves

calico or muslin bags

1 tsp orris root (optional)

rubber bands, or needle and thread

1 tsp herbal essential oil, of your choice

  1. Mix all of the above ingredients together. Place a good quantity of this mixture in small cloth bags, securing tightly with rubber bands or drawstrings, or by sewing up the ends. Slip these herbal scented bags into your pillows or cushions to give off a gentle fragrance during the day or while sleeping.
  2. For a stronger herbal scent, add 1 tsp of orrisroot and 1 tsp of any herbal essential oil you choose. Leave this resulting mixture to mature in a plastic bag for a week or two before placing in the cloth bags and using.

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