How to Make An Easy Herbal Love Pillow

Herbal Love Pillow—It has long been rumored that if you wish to dream of the one you love and will eventually marry, to place a piece of wedding cake under your pillow at night. The resulting dream that night, is said to be an accurate depiction of your married life. An easier way to induce a desired ‘love dream’ is simply to mix together the following herbs and make sachets! Either way, a pleasant and restful night’s sleep is ensured. Other herbal scented sachets and pillow recipes can be found in the Miscellaneous Category of blog.

1 cup dried violet flowers

¼ cup tonka bean

¼ cup dried orrisroot

¾ cup dried rose petals (red roses dry the deepest color, white roses although quite fragrant, turn brown when dried)

  1. Make sure that your flowers and petals are completely dry, otherwise they will mildew
  2. Combine the flowers, rose petals, tonka bean, and orrisroot together in a bowl. Mix together thoroughly.
  3. If making small individual sachets, divide this mixture evenly between 3 small muslin sachets, secure with a rubber band, and then tie with a generous length of colorful ribbon.
  4. Tuck a sachet into your pillowcase, between the pillow and case. Pleasant dreams!

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