Effective Uses for Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil is the most useful of all the essential oils, and perhaps the safest. Allergic reaction is virtually unknown and, unlike many of the other essential oils, it is safe to apply directly to your skin. (for other wonderfully simple and effective uses for herbs, herbal remedies, herbal recipes, and so much more, please check out the ‘category’ section of betweenclosefriends.com)

Lavender Oil safely and gently helps to promote restful sleep. A very simple sleep-aid is achieved by simply sprinkling a few drops of this wonderfully fragrant oil onto your pillow or onto a handkerchief placed under the pillowcase. This creates an relaxing scented atmosphere for both adults and children to enjoy untroubled rest.

It is also excellent for treating burns, stings, scalds, and minor wounds.

Flying insects are easily deterred simply by rubbing the essential oil onto exposed skin, such as your hands and feet, before going outdoors. Mosquitoes, flies and others will pass you by!

Lavender Oil can be also added to bottled water (about 6 drops to 1 pint—2½ cups) and sprinkled or misted onto dry pillow cases or any other lined before ironing to leave a lingering relaxing and refreshing fragrance. Enjoy.

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