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How to Make Yogurt Cheese

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

Yogurt cheese is a low calorie version of regular cheese. It can be substituted in any recipe or dessert where you would ordinarily use a regular cheese. You can add flavorings such as fruits, fruit juices, or even make a savory yogurt cheese by adding your favourite garden herbs. The choice is up to you. For entertaining ideas and how-to recipes such as Bourisin Cheese, Liptauer, etc; healthy mocktails, homemade gifts from the kitchen and garden; go to the ‘Categorysection of blog.

This simple yogurt cheese is delicious on its own, as an accompaniment with a meal, or as a low calorie dessert.

1. Place plain yogurt (homemade or store bought), in a muslin or cheesecloth lined colander overnight to drain off all the liquid.

2. The resulting leftover curd is your yogurt cheese.

3. For a firmer cheese, cover the curd with the cheesecloth or muslin, and weight it down by placing a plate on top of it, and allowing it to drain a little longer (until the desired firmness and consistency is obtained.)

On a personal note: You may wish to save the drained off liquid from either/both cheeses (whey), for use on your face as a nourishing wash for all skin types. (there is more information on the use of whey as a natural remedy and skin toner in blog under the category ‘Herbal Skin Preparations’. My mother has wonderfully youthful looking skin, and she attributes the credit to her weekly use of whey as a facial wash.