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Outdoor Winter Bird Cake

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

During the cold winter months, food will become scarce for our fine feathered friends who chose to overwinter in our backyard. They will greatly appreciate the effort you go to in providing this healthy and filling warmth-producing Outdoor Winter Bird Cake. This easy recipe will yield plenty for our beautiful feathered friends, and excess should be stored either refrigerated or frozen. (For more pet food recipes for specific needs; herbal remedies/cures; and so much more, please check the ‘category’ section of

Ingredients: 2 parts melted bacon fat, suet or lard 2 parts cornmeal 1 part peanut butter

  1. Combine the above ingredients in a large saucepan, cooking on a medium heat for 3 minutes.
  2. Once cooked and well blended, pour your Outdoor Winter Bird Cake into small containers, such as a cleaned soup can or margarine tub.
  3. Refrigerate or freeze the individual Outdoor Winter Bird Cakes until you need to replace them in your feeders; or fasten the tubs securely directly to an outdoor tree away from preying animals.

As a variation, you can drill 1” holes into small logs, stuff the bird cake mixture into those holes, then hang the logs from a tree and watch the birds feed as they happily perch on the swinging ‘feeder log’ .