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How To Make a Quick and Simple Holiday Cranberry Punch

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

To make this Quick and Simple Cranberry Punch, you will need the following ingredients:

4 c Cranberry Ginger Ale

2 c Cranberry juice

2 c unsweetened pineapple juice

12 c Orange juice

1 lime, thinly sliced

1 pt strawberries, hulled/sliced ice cubes

1. In a large punch bowl, combine the juices, strawberries and lime slices.
2. Chill thoroughly.
3. Just before serving, slowly stir in the chilled Cranberry Ginger Ale and the ice cubes.
4. Garnish each glass with a floating cranberry or two, or a strawberry and/or a lime wheel perched on the rim.
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FYI: One way to prevent your punch from diluting during your party, is to make your ice cubes out of extra pineapple, orange, or lime juice. For a very festive touch, you can pre-freeze a fresh cranberry or two, or a cleaned organic holly leaf in your ice cubes. Not only will these festive ice cubes look appealing to your guests, but they will prevent the Cranberry Punch from becoming ‘watery’ as the ice melts.