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How To Make Your Own Flavoured Vodka

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

Lemon Vodka

This is another cost cutting version of the original flavoured Vodkas. Simple to make with authentic flavours!

You will need:

Rind of 2-3 organic lemons

2 tsp sugar

1-26 oz bottle of any vodka

1.Peel just the zest from the lemons (being carefull not to include any of the white pith).

2. Drop the peel together with the sugar into a full bottle of vodka.

3. Re-cork, and steep until the liquor is pale yellow, approximately 1 week.

4. Keep in fridge for 24 hours before serving.

5. Serve cold. (For entertaining ‘mocktail’ recipes; favorite herbal recipes; cost-efficient entertaining ideas; how to make your own Baileys Irish Cream Liquor, how to make your own specialty cheeses such as Boursin, Liptauer, yougurt, and much more, check the ‘categories’ section of blog). Use these flavored vodkas as you would store bought when mixing up your favourite holiday drinks. 

Easy variations:

Lime Vodka…..follow the above recipe substituting 4 medium sized organic limes for the lemons.

Orange Vodka….follow the above recipe substituting 2 medium organic navel oranges, or 3 small organic tangerines for the lemons