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Quick and Simple Homemade Lemonade

Saturday, January 31st, 2009

This recipe has proven to be a family favourite. Surprisingly enough, it was given to me back in the 70’s at a local fair where they were selling new ‘improved’ blenders! Simplicity itself, it is the most delicious recipe we have ever enjoyed, summer and winter. And chock full of vitamin C, which is so beneficial in all seasons.

Obviously a blender recipe, to make this delicious family favourite Lemonade from 1 lemon:

1. Fill a blender jar ½ full of water.

2. Add 4 heaping tsp of white sugar (or honey–we always use clover honey).

3. Run the machine for 5 seconds. Stop.

4. Slice in: 1 whole washed organic lemon; peel, seed and all.

¼ washed organic orange with peel.

Add:    2 T of honey.

1 cup full of ice cubes.

5. Run the blender for 8 seconds. Stop.

6. Pour your lemonade through a strainer.

Serve this delicious lemonade with lemon wheels or a fresh sprig of mint.

The remaining pulp can be used to make a marvelous marmalade jam. (for more summer and herbal recipes–such as homemade borisin cheese; ‘mocktails’ such as Kittypaws; entertaining ideas and homemade gifts, such as herbal sachets and potpourris;  herbal cosmetic preparations such as hand creams, skin tonics, hair rinses; and so much more,  check the ‘categories’ section of blog)