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Spicy Herbal Mix to Get Rid of Insects without Insecticides–around the home, and from your clothes

Sunday, November 9th, 2008

A spicy sachet mixture: The sweet flag root has a pleasant long lasting violet scent, while the lavender and rose petals impart delicate undertones to this sachet mixture. The cinnamon, cloves and mace spices balance this mixture’s scent and are noted to deter crawling insects from entering your home. And therefore, the resulting mixture can also be used by sprinkling it on doorstops and windowsills to stop an insect invasion. For other herbal sachet mixtures, go to under the Miscellaneous Category.

1½ cups dried red rose petals

1 cup dried crushed thyme

½ cup dried lavender

½ cup crushed coriander seed

½ cup powdered sweet flag root

¼ cup powdered cinnamon

¼ cup powdered cloves

¼ cup powdered mace

  1. Mix together all the above ingredients in a large bowl.
  2. Fill muslin or cheesecloth bags ¾ full with this mixture, securing the top of the bag with a rubber band. Tie a length of ribbon around the top.
  3. Hang these spicy scented sachets in your linen and clothes closets, store with your precious furs and place some in your drawers to deter moths and other insects from invading your home.