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Multi-use Green Elder Ointment

Sunday, March 8th, 2009

The recipe for this old-fashioned Multi-use Green Elder Ointment remedy is believed to have originated with Europe’s gypsies. It’s all around multi purpose uses includes soothing cuts and bruises, to rubbing the back and chest in order to promote easier breathing (asthma-like symptoms), to relieving congestion due to colds and the flu. As with all herbal products, this Multi-use Green Elder Ointment should be used with your doctor’s full knowledge and approval.

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Ingredients: 4 oz fresh green elder leaves, or unripe green elder berries

1 pt olive oil

1- 1½ oz melted beeswax

1. Into a large pot, add the elder leaves or berries, then pour the olive oil over top, mixing together.

1. Gently heat the herb in oil for 1 hour.

2. After 1 hour of simmering, remove from heat. Strain and discard the herbs.(These can be composted)

3. In a separate small pot, melt the beeswax slowly

4. Combine the beeswax with the herb oil extract, stirring until the mixture cools and thickens.

5. While still slightly liquid, pour your Multi Use Green Elder Ointment into small wide-mouth lidded jars.

Store your salve in the fridge between uses, for up to a year. If your Multi Use Green Elder Ointment separates from either heat or from long disuse, simply reheat it and stir well, then allow it to cool again.