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Delectable Homemade Boursin Cheeses with Fresh Herbs

Sunday, November 23rd, 2008

Boursin Cheese is my personal favourite cheese of all times! I have very fond memories of making home made boursin with my grandmother, and then serving this cheese to special company. This was also a favourite cheese of hers, and she used it extensively in her catering business, much to the delight and joy of all her clients. I hope you come to enjoy making this cheese as much as we did, creating some very special memories with your family too.

One way of entertaining with flair using Boursin Cheese, is by creating an attractive party platter of open-faced sandwiches using the basic recipe and/or the variations included in the ‘Recipe’ category of blog, and placing the different corresponding fresh herb sprigs on each variation as a decoration and as a visual invitation to taste this delectable cheese.

Or, you can serve each variation directly from a 1 cup ramekin.

Alternatively, line the ramekin with plastic wrap, fill with the boursin cheese mixture of your choice, chilling it overnight in the fridge. At serving time, turn the cheese out onto a platter lined with ornamental greens, garnishing it with the complementary herbs.

For an added splash of colour to delight both your senses of sight and taste, decorate your platter with chive blossoms (fresh or frozen), if you have them available.

If your homemade basic Boursin is not divided into four parts, add approximately ½ cup of chopped herbs and additional freshly ground pepper to your basic recipe. (recipes to follow)