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Bath Oils and Vinegars

Saturday, November 8th, 2008

Herbal oils and vinegars can usefully travel between your kitchen and your bathroom. In fact, you may even wish to keep a few of your favourite herbal vinegars in a ‘spa basket’ in your bathroom especially for this purpose!

For a very easy and simple ‘in-a-hurry’ herbal bath, add about one tablespoonful of your favorite essential oil or up to half a cupful of an herbal vinegar–mint, thyme, wild marjoram, or what you like– to a warm bath. Then luxuriate in its toning and restorative effect. A complete list of suggested herbs to use to best suit your needs is included in this blog. Select and enjoy!

The antiseptic qualities of vinegar are very beneficial¬† to the skin, no matter what the weather is outside. In summer, it soothes a sunburn, and in winter it helps soften and moisturize skin attacked by winter’s drying winds.

The addition of specific herbs (as indicated in the herbal charts in this blog), provide different effective healing qualities that vary from season to season and as to your unique personal requirements.

No matter what the season, a herbal bath soothes the spirit and helps us to relax=destress. The steam from a bath will ease cold and flu symptoms by helping to alieveate congestion, which in turn will help you sleep better–which is mandatory (sleep), in speeding a recovery from these illnesses. By adding selected herbs to our bath, we are able to treat specific symptoms more effectively and efficiently.

For a more complete variety and specific herbal recipes for easy to make and simple bath preparations, including herbal charts,¬† check out blog under the ‘Bath Preparations’ Category. Under other appropriate categories, this blog also includes wonderfully delicious and slightly unusual herbal food recipes, recipes for skin preparations, and how to make and use herbs around your home from insect and pest deterrents, to moth sachets, with home made sachets or pillows to delicately scent both drawers and closets. Browse, try a recipe, or just look for information on effective homemade herbal remedies and cures that are proven to work wonders.