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How to Make a Simple and Tasty Sherbert

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

To make a simple and easy tasty Sherbert, follow these directions:

1. Cover blender blades with cereal cream or canned milk.

2. Add 1 pkg Jello (your favourite flavour).

3. Add 2 T honey.

4. Add crushed ice to make the blender container ½ full.

5. Strart the machine at 6. While machine is running, take a carrot or pieced of celery and push the ice down into the blender blades.

6. Continue in this manner, pushing down the ice chips with the carrot or celery, until the sherbert is smooth and thick.

7. If the sherbert is too runny, add more ice as needed until the desired consistency is obtained.

8. This delicious sherbert is suitable to serve to both family and as a quick and easy light dessert for holiday guests.

9. Serve in a Champagne glass or Sherbert bowl, garnished with a suitable fruit to match the sherbert flavour, or with a fresh sprig of mint.(For more Christmas ideas, recipes—favourite food, drinks, mocktails such as Kittypaws, Lemon Lime Twist, Cinn-Tini, Single Swiss Soother and more; how to recipes for homemade cheeses such as Bourisin, cream cheeses, spice blends, seasoning blends, etc; gifts to make and give from the kitchen; herbal remedies; check the ‘category’ sections of