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How to Make a Wonderfully Fragrant Spice Potpourri

Thursday, January 29th, 2009

For a very festive touch, package this fragrant mood-enhancing Christmas Spice Potpourri in small gold net bags or in small white boxes tied with a good cord and a tag explaining its ingredients: From the Middle East– the birth of great religions– the aroma of Frankincense represents life, and Myrrh is a symbol of suffering: two of the 3 gifts from the Magi to the infant Jesus. (for more gift-giving ideas, holiday and herbal recipes, and so much more, check the ‘Categories‘ section of

Of the three spices used, cinnamon is one of the oldest known medicines and was widely used by the ancient Egyptians where It gained a reputation as a cure for colds. Because It was known from remote antiquity, cinnamon became so highly prized among the ancient nations that it was regarded as a gift fit only for monarchs and other great potentates.

The name ‘Allspice, also a Middle Eastern herb, was coined by the English who thought it combined the flavour of several of the aromatic spices and subsequent reputations: cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves.
Whereas, the aromatic scent of cloves in itself, is closely associated with Christmas, especially in Sweden where traditional decorations are made from sticking cloves into oranges, and hanging the clove-studded oranges around the house which departs a wonderfully unique uplifting scent.

To make this extremely fragrant and symbolic Christmas Spice Potpourri, combine the following:

¼ c frankincense

¼ c myrrh

¼ c broken cinnamon sticks

¼ c allspice

2 T cloves

½ c rosebuds

Simplicity itself, with 2 of the Magi’s gifts, 3 spices from the East and a red rose of martyrdom, this Christmas Spice Potpourri needs no oil or orrisroot. It is a wonderfully thoughtful hostess gift, and is also delightful as a gift to yourself during a holiday season and beyond.