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More Mocktails–How to Make a Smart-Tini

Thursday, December 18th, 2008

This Smart-Tini is a favourite during the festive season. Much better than serving alcohol to guests, family, and friends who will be driving in our wintery weather. Tasty and safe!


6 oz pineapple juice

6 oz cranberry juice

6 tsp lime juice

1. In a martini shaker, add the ice then the juices.

2.Shake vigorously to mix everything well together.

3. Then strain into 2 Martini glasses.

3. Garnish each glass with a lime wheel and two fresh cranberries. (For more ‘mocktails’, herbal recipes, and cost-efficient entertaining ideas, how to make homemade cheese such as Bourisin, yogurt, etc, hostess gift ideas, and much more please check out the ‘categories’ section of blog)