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Easy to Make Flea-repellent Pet Collars

Monday, December 15th, 2008

Easy to Make Flea-repellent Pet Collars

Who is more unselfishly loyal throughout the year, than our beloved four legged-friends? They certainly deserve a little of our time in recognition of their life-long devotion. These easy to make pet collars serve double duty when they are made of cotton holiday material scraps and stuffed with the dried herb pennyroyal. Not only are our pets stylishly attired, but the pennyroyal (which many herbalists believe to be an effective natural flea repellant), will keep them comfortable and free of itching. (For all-natural healthy pet treat recipes, and other herbal recipes for effective homemade cosmetics, bath preparations, etc, check the ‘Categories’ of blog)

You will need: suitable holiday cotton material, approximately 18” by 3” (up to ½” narrower for a small dog, or cat) a small amount of fresh or dried pennyroyal a 2” length of sew-on Velcro


  1. If you are using fresh pennyroyal, you can quickly dry it in the microwave. Simply place the stems on a paper towel, and microwave on full power for one minute. If it is not yet totally dried, microwave in 10 second increments, checking each time, to prevent over drying or burning of the herb. Set the pennyroyal aside to cool, while you are making the holiday cotton collar.
  2. First, measure the distance around your pet’s neck.
  3. Then, cut out a strip of your holiday fabric that is 4 inches longer than the neck measurement, by approximately 3 inches wide. (see note above)
  4. Fold the fabric in half lengthwise, placing the right sides of the fabric together; pin.
  5. Starting at the top, sew shut along the long open edge and one of the short edges.
  6. Turn the ‘tube’ inside right, squaring off the corners.
  7. Topstich the female side of the Velcro strip securely along the sewn short edge of the ‘tube’.
  8. Fill the tube with the dried and crumbled pennyroyal leaves, leaving the last 2½ inches empty.
  9. Fold ¼ inch of the unsewn edge under, then topstitch the male side of the Velcro strip securely across the narrow edge. (Before sewing the Flea-repellent Pet Collar shut, make sure you line up the Velcro strips on opposite sides of the collar in order that they will fit together when the collar is placed around your pet’s neck)
  10. Wrap around your pet’s neck for itching-proof weeks of fun!

If you wish to have a very updated and stylish look for your pet, and you have additional matching material on hand, you can make a simple triangular matching scarf for his neck.

Another idea if you have the time, is to sew the dried and crushed pennyroyal into the neck area between the top and bottom layers of your pet’s winter material coat for flea-free outings.