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How to Make a Simple Odor-eating Fragrant Simmer

Friday, December 12th, 2008

Simple Odor-eating Fragrant Simmer

During this busy season, or whenever your time is at a premium, and you need a quick method to freshen the air in your home, your microwave will again prove to be very useful. Whether in-laws have just phoned informing that they are on their way for a impromptu visit, or you need to get rid of the fried fish smell from last night’s dinner, this Simple Odor-eating Fragrant Simmer is quickly made in a matter of a couple minutes, and is an extremely effective odor killer!

  1. Simply peel two large lemons, and place the peel in a quart-sized microwavable container.
  2. Add 3 T of whole cloves, and 2 cups of very hot water.
  3. Place the container in your microwave, and heat on high until the hot liquid comes to a boil.
  4. Reduce to 50% power, and microwave for two more minutes.
  5. Remove the container from the microwave, and put it close to the source of the offending odor.

The fragrant steam will soon eradicate and freshen the room with a spicy light citrusy scent. (For more potpourri ideas; herbal recipes for food—how to make different cheeses, Boursin, mustards, spice blends, etc; herbal healing; natural hair preparations; all natural and herbal bath preparations; etc, check the ‘categories’ sections of