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Homemade Fragrant Herbal Bath Preparations to soothe and refresh after a hard day!

Friday, November 7th, 2008

Bath PreparationsTaking a bath can be all things to all people. Depending on your choice of herbs, a bath or shower can help you face the rigors of the day or to relax afterwards. As an added bonus, a fragrant and soothing herbal bath can help soften the skin and replenish your body’s natural oils.

By making your own bath products, you can be sure of using only pure ingredients and of more accurately matching the herbs to your needs. (A list of herbs and their beneficial attributes is included under the “Hair Care” Category of this blog.) Keep a variety of bath oils and gels, soap, and sachets in the bathroom cabinet and make your selection day by day. A variety of recipes is included in this “Herbal Bath Preparations” Category, ranging from “Honey and Herb Soap, Fragrant Floral Bath Gels, Refreshing and Soothing Herbal Bath Bags, Bath oils and Vinegars, Refreshing Herbal Gels for your bath, Ultimate Luxurious Bath Oil, Joint Soothing Bath Oil, Soothing, Moisturizing and Stress Relieving Bath Oils, and of course a Soothing Mint Footbath and Massage Oil.” This is your chance to be creative in your personal selection of herbs to include, and thus thoroughly enjoy your bathtime experience!

A word of caution when making your own Bath Sachets—Resist the temptation to toss a handful of aromatic herbs into the bathtub. You will emerge with bits and pieces clinging to your body!