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Get rid of Moths without Mothballs

Sunday, November 9th, 2008

A strong-scented Moth Bag During the last several centuries, dried herbs were commonly hung in closets or laid in presses between sheets, clothes or furs to act as perfumes and moth repellents. Lavender is still popular today, especially in England. In France, Southernwood, which has an almost sickly sweet scent is the most popular and is known as, ‘garde robe’. Rue, tansy, rosemary and woodruff all have insecticide qualities. Other moth deterrent sachets are found in blog under the ‘Miscellaneous Category’. This mixture is much preferable to the strong notable scent of mothballs The rue is noted to also be a flea repellant.

1 cup dried crushed mint

1 cup dried crushed rue

½ cup dried crushed southernwood

½ cup dried crushed rosemary

¼ cup powdered cloves

1. Mix all the above ingredients together in a bowl

2. Fill muslin or cheesecloth bags ¾ full with this mixture, securing the top of the bag with a rubber band. Tie a length of ribbon around the top.

3. Hang these spicy scented sachets in your linen and clothes closets, store with your precious furs and place some in your drawers to deter moths and other insects from invading your home.