Painless Natural Herbal Headache Cure

An Effective Herbal Headache Cure —Lavender has long been proven and used as an effective aid in easing headache pain. Combined with the pleasing scent of lemon verbena which is known to reduce nervous tension and lighten your spirits, and the marjoram which soothes asthmatic complaints, this is a simple to make and an effective sachet or ‘pillow’ to use to promote a restful night’s sleep while eliminating headache pain. You may also wish to try one of the other sachet/pillow recipes in the Miscellaneous Category of the Blog, such as: Soothing Herbs for a Restful Night’s Sleep, Lavender Sachets, Herbal Love Pillow, or An Herbal Pillow to Soothe the Nerves and Quieten the Brain. Sleep tight, safe and restful……sleep………sleep……….sleep…………

1½ cups dried lemon verbena

½ cup dried lavender

¼ cup dried sweet marjoram

a few crushed cloves

  1. Combine the lemon verbena, lavender, sweet marjoram and cloves in a small bowl.
  2. Divide this mixture amoung 3 small muslin sachets (about 4” square, each). Secure with a rubber band, and then tie with a generous amount of ribbon.
  3. Tuck a sachet into your pillow before lying down, close your eyes and relax enjoying the pleasant scent while your headache ‘evaporates’.

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