Kitty’s Own Green Smoothie

This tempting and tasty recipe of Kitty’s Own Green Smoothie makes approximately 10 healthy and fresh servings. Kitty’s Own Green Smoothie is equally good frozen in an ice-cube tray for easy storage and access. Your Kitty will love you even more when you serve this ‘purrr’fectly delicious and cooling ice-cube treat on a hot day.

The ingredients in Kitty’s Own Green Smoothie will help keep her healthy and strong, with a beautifully luxurious shiny coat while boosting her immune system, and is especially good for your indoor felines. The optimal maintenance serving size for your grateful Kitty is between 2 and 3 Tablespoons twice a week. (This recipe is especially effective for an ailing cat, quickly helping her improve. But don’t force it upon her.)

1 c wheatgrass clippings (or any other grass, not sprayed. I usually grow my own…easy instructions below)

1 c purified water

Pinch of fresh catnip (optional—as the addition of the fresh catnip will drive your Kitty wild!)

2 T good quality X-Virgin olive oil

2 capsules fish oil (reserve to the end, and pour over the smoothie when it is in the bowl. My cats are partial to salmon oil, but you can use any fish oil that your kitty prefers)

  1. Combine the first four ingredients in a blender, and blend together well until smooth and pureed.
  2. At this stage, you can either serve ½ of Kitty’s Own Green Smoothie and freeze the remainder for another day, or freeze it all. (If you freeze the whole amount, pour the fish oil on top of the smoothie in the ice cube tray, and freeze combined.) Once frozen, store in an air-tight freezer bag to keep freshest.
  3. When serving freshly made, drizzle the fish oil over the top of Kitty’s Own Green Smoothie to complete this nourishing treat. (Use the appropriate amount of fish oil to the amount you are serving—2 capsules for the full amount.)

For more healthy organic recipes for Kitty or other pets, please check the Homemade Pet Treats category of

It is very easy to grow your own crop of wheatgrass for both kitty and yourself. This will ensure that it is fresh and pesticide-free, not to mention readily available!

Simply purchase some natural wheat seeds from your local bulk food store, soak 3 Tablespoon of seeds in water for a day, then plant them 1 inch deep in a medium sized pot of damp potting soil. Place the pot in a warm area, misting daily. When the sprouts are 3 to 5 inches high, ( 2-3 days later), they are the most nourishing and tender.

NB: Make sure to keep the sprouts out of kitty’s reach, or she will devour them in one sitting!

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