How to Make a Quick Mock Cream Cheese

This is a quick and simple recipe to make a Mock Cream Cheese for anyone who enjoys cream cheese but is lactose intolerant. It resembles both in taste and texture real cream cheese, so you too can enjoy party favourites during this holiday season.


½ c cooked white beans

2-3 T tahini

¼ c lemon juice

salt to taste

3 T cashew butter. Can add 1 T nutritional yeast for added nutritional benefits.

1. Mix together ingredients in blender until smooth.

2.Use as you would any cream cheese. (for more cost-efficient entertaining recipes and ideas, a selection of tasty ‘mocktails’, herbal recipes, how to make your own homemade specialty cheeses such as Bourisin, Liptauer, yogurt, etc, popular spice blend recipes, and more, check the ‘categories’ section of blog)

For a mock Parmigana cheese to use over dishes: Combine together 1 c Nutritional yeast and ¼ c ground almonds

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