Fitness in 30 days?

Fitness in 30 days

It was difficult to motivate myself to go back to classes and exercising after a week layoff. Back at square one in the motivation spot. It really does take 4 weeks to change or develop a new habit! No matter how good your motives and/or your determination are. It helped that I had my workout bag completely packed and ready, so I could just ‘grab and go’ before being able to reason my way out of exercising. Once started in the direction of the gym, I was okay and became more enthusiastic with each step closer towards class.

The exercise shirt just seemed to make me hotter…like polyester it kept the warmth in. But I did not ‘feel’ wet. Drank 16 ounces of water during the workout.

Next class was Newbody. Staying in my optimum spot 26, which was second row from the front to the side in front of the mirrors so I could easily see our instructor and check my body to make sure it duplicated her positioning. Our instructor informed us at the start that this was not going to be a ‘slack’ class. And indeed she was correct. We MOVED. Primarily low impact.

Some moves were a little tricky for the ‘uninitiated’, as dance moves were incorporated throughout. She also continuously gave ‘options’ to challenge the more ‘fit’ members of the class, as she moved us ‘newbies’ through our paces too. Again, the music was loud and not all of her instructions were easily discernable through the very upbeat music. But there was the continuous beat to encourage me to keep moving, even if it just meant marching in place while trying to get ‘back in step’ with the class. I think that I would have been a little more comfortable with a demonstration of the moves presented before class san music. Either individually for the Newbies, or jointly for the whole class to refamiliarize themselves with. (This was the first Newbody class of the season). Or, like one of the first classes, have experienced members ‘helping’ through hand gestures pointing the way, and a few words of encouragement during the ‘breaks’ between songs. It might even be a good idea to ask the more experienced members to take front row places as an aid. At the beginning of class, a member was introduced to us as an ‘instructor in training’. But she remained hidden in the center of the room behind a pole. If she was at the front of class, on either side, it would have been more helpful to the ‘newbies’ to have an added ‘go to’ person to watch and duplicate movements. And appreciated. We would not have felt quite so lost.

Overall, this class provided a good workout, low impact, with upbeat music. I worked up a good sweat without even realizing it. The cooldown was an ab workout. Doable while still challenging. Again, options for more advanced (fit) members of the class were continuously offered.

The third class I attended today, was Bodyflow. A combination of yoga, tai chi, and pilates. The first Bodyflow class I took two weeks ago, I really enjoyed and was looking forward to this one to continue the ‘cool down’ portion from the previous class. This class is more about centering and calming than active movements. The music was loud and this instructor’s voice somewhat quiet, so I was following her movements more than her directions. Through the tai chi easily, onto the yoga. I ran into trouble doing ‘The Extended Triangle’. My side ‘froze’. Pain shot through my side, and I had difficulty easing to an upright position. Once standing, I couldn’t move without sharp pain throughout my whole right side radiating from my back waist. The instructor seeing my pain, mouthed the word “relax’ while continuing announcing the changing progressive moves. Surprisingly, I did relax at her instruction, and was able to slowly work my way out of the class in minimal pain. A long hot shower and I hobbled home.

At home I consulted my Yoga Handbook, looked up the position and read the cautions. Do not bend or twist, keep hips aligned forward. Hmmm…..this information while doing the exercise would have been most useful. And I am sure that others would have appreciated these cautions, too, during class. My first Bodyflow instructor had repeated cautions with each new move. Although these are easy moves, until the correct positions become second nature, specifics and cautions should be offered. Especially for the older or out of shape members in the class to avoid strains, pulls, and injuries.

Tuesday. Having difficulty getting out of bed, my back was too sore to attend class. Attended to a doctor’s office instead, who confirmed that I had injured a back muscle and prescribed a muscle relaxant. Darn, I was looking forward to another Newbody class in the morning, having lost a full pound after Monday’s two classes!

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