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Refreshing and Soothing Herbal Bath Bags

Friday, November 7th, 2008

Herbal Bath Bags—These are much more fun than putting commercial bubble bath into the water. Tie them over the taps and make sure the hot running water is going through them—this will release lovely herbal scents that relax and comfort you. These Herbal Bath Bags are a wonderful accompaniment to the Herbal Bath Oils, and Bubble Bath recipes found in the Herbal Bath Preparation Category of this Blog. Or used on their own, they are equally wonderful. Double, triple, or more, to make up extras to give to friends and family as thoughtful personal gifts.

3—9” diameter circles of muslin

6 T bran

1 T lavender flowers

1 T chamomile flowers

1 T rosemary tips

3 rubber bands, and 3 yd narrow ribbon

  1. Place 2 T of the bran in the center of each circle of muslin. Add the lavender flowers to one bag, the chamomile flowers to a second and the rosemary tips to the third.
  2. Gather the edges of each circle of material up, securing close with a rubber band. Then tie a reasonable length of ribbon or raffeta around each bag to make a loop so that the bag can be hung from the hot water tap in the stream of water for your bath.