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Soothing, Moisturizing and Stress Relieving Bath Oil

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

A long warm bath is an excellent way of relieving the stresses and strains of a busy day. This Lavender and Marjoram Bath Oil mixture has the added bonus of moisturizing the skin while it gently soothes away cares and troubles. The essential oils induce sleep. To enhance the effect, you could add a bath bag containing fresh lavender and marjoram to the water. (Or hang the bath bag over the fawcett as you run your bath, so that the water runs through the bag, fragrancing the water as it fills your bath) For more herbal bath preparation, hair tonics, etc. recipes; herbal recipes; gift giving ideas and so much more, check the ‘Category‘ section of


2 T almond oil

7 drops lavender oil

3 drops marjoram oil

  1. Measure out all the above ingredients into a small dish or bowl.
  2. Mix them together thoroughly, then pour the resulting mixture into your bath while the water is running.
  3. All that is left is to have a long, soothing and refreshing soak. Relax! Enjoy!