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Herbal Pillows and Cushions as Medicinal Remedies

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

From ancient times onward, herbs have been used to ensure a good night’s sleep. An herbal garden was common among both the wealthy and their peasants. In North America, the art of making herbal pillows and sachets to induce a good nights sleep, soothe and calm ragged nerves, relieve a nagging headache or migraine, or induce dreams of lovers, is making a comeback.

In earlier centuries, herbs that retained their scent well when dried were mixed with rough all natural bedding. As mattresses became more sophisticated and modern, herb stuffings were still used in sachets and for medicinal pillows as remedies. The most favorite herbs used were woodruff and agrimony, lavender, rose petals and hops. Hops are the best pillow stuffing for insomniacs as they have a sleep-inducing drug-like and slightly narcotic effect. A more modern version is the use of Lavender flowers to promote a safe and restful sleep. Of interest, another old recipe cure for sleeplessness advises the hanging of muslin bags filled with rosemary seeds about the bedroom.

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Either sew a small pillowslip for the herbs or make them into a sachet and tuck this inside an ordinary pillow in a pillowcase. These mixtures will need renewing each year but a light pot-pourri mixture could be used, which would last much longer.

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is the most useful of all the essential oils, and perhaps the safest. Allergic reaction is virtually unknown and, unlike many of the other essential oils, it is safe to apply it directly to the skin.

It can help to promote sleep—sprinkle a few drops onto the pillow, or onto a handkerchief placed on the pillow, for adults and children to enjoy untroubled rest.

It is also excellent for treating burns, stings, scalds, and minor wounds. Deter flying insects by rubbing the essential oil into uncovered parts of the body, such as hands and feet, on a warm evening when sitting outside.

Lavender oil can be added to bottled water (about 6 drops to 1 pint—2½ cups) and sprinkled onto dry pillowcases or any other lined before ironing to leave a lingering fragrance.