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How to make an Indian Lassi

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

A Lassi is a South Asian drink originating from the Punjab region. This traditional drink has gained North American popularity, and is made by blending together and frothing, yogurt, water, spices and ice. The more traditional lassi is a savory blend flavoured with cumin. But it is also sometimes served sweetened with sugar or honey.

In the North Indian villages and parts of Pakistan, the most traditional form of this chilled hot-weather drink is made with raw milk. A slightly less common version of an Indian Lassi is made containing milk, frothed, then topped with a thin layer of Devonshire Cream. However you come to enjoy your Lassi, it is best served as a cold drink with a spicy curry meal to cool down the ‘heat’.

For more recipes, herbal recipes and preparations, etc, please check the ‘Category’ section of The following recipe for an Indian Lassi offers a couple of variations for you to experiment with to find your individual preference.

To make an Indian Lassi:

½ cup fresh plain yogurt

1 cup of cold water or milk

½ cup ice cubes

1 –2 T honey or sugar

¼ tsp finely ground and lightly roasted cardamom, cumin or freshly grated cinnamon

1. Place all of your preferenced ingredients into a blender.

2. Blend for approximately 10 seconds only, just to mix. (Small ice chips will still be evident)

2. Cover and chill your Indian Lassi in the fridge up to an hour, only.

3. Stir just before serving in chilled glasses.

You may wish to top it with a fresh grating of cinnamon, or tumeric for an added visual effect. (Adding tumeric enhances the digestive aid properties of your Lassi)