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Watermelon Wrinkle Eraser

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

While devouring a very tasty and slurpy watermelon a few weeks back, I was reminded of my teens when I was catering with my grandmother. One of her employees was a very youthful looking middle aged woman who surprised us all with some very strange behaviour. After preparing the fruit tray for our guests, Mindy gathered up all the watermelon rinds and placed them in a plastic bag, then into her tote. Being very busy with our own tasks we quietly observed this, reserving our questions for later.
After the event, while we were cleaning up, Mindy retrieved some of her saved watermelon rinds, and began ‘washing’ her face with them. In reply to our collective, stunned open-mouthed amazement, Mindy explained that she always ‘washed’ her face with fruit rinds whenever the opportunity availed itself in order to maintain her youthful complexion. Now, agreed she did indeed have a flawless complexion devoid of any tell tale wrinkles. But this ‘procedure’ was just a little too ahead of the times for us to easily accept…….then.
We all dismissed Mindy’s behaviour as, well, strange, and I hadn’t given it another thought until a few weeks ago when I noticed that I was now subcomming to advancing age’s tell tale signs—the dreaded crowsfeet! Then, once again Mindy’s actions of long ago came to mind as I was enjoying my summer treat.
Thinking, “What the heck, what do I have to lose, I’ll give it a try”, I later retrieved some of the watermelon rinds. After washing my face the conventional way, I smeared the ‘eraser’ shaped rinds around my eyes, then all over my face, squeezing and scratching the rind to extract more ‘juice’. It did have quite a cooling sensation, and felt rather relaxing. I let the juices dry on my face, and went to bed.
In the morning, while brushing my teeth, I noticed that my skin felt exceptionally soft, and actually had a sort of youthful sun-kissed ‘glow’ to it. Wondering whether the watermelon wash was actually responsible for these subtle differences in my skin, I did a little more research. What I found was not too surprising: Besides enjoying and benefiting internally from the sweet flesh, fruit rinds/skins have the largest concentration of vitamins/minerals in them (We all know that). And watermelon in particular, has astringent and skin softening properties. More importantly and pertinently, it has natural collagen enhancing properties. Hmmmm, good to eat, and to use as a cheap alternative to store-bought expensive concoctions. I continued my little bedtime ‘watermelon rind wash’ ritual, as long as the watermelon lasted, paying particular attention to any wrinkle that I desired to ‘erase’.
After a week, I noticed that indeed the ‘crows feet’ were diminishing in depth, as well as my frown lines, and a couple of lines along my jawline. Hmmmmmm, this watermelon eraser actually does work When a couple of my friends commented on my skin’s new found youthfulness, and inquired what product I was using, I told them the story. Even though they have been skeptical, and actually laughed, I have continued to use this wash whenever I have watermelon, making it a regular part of my age-prevention routine. And the difference is noticable. My skin is softer, and the lines around my eyes are almost gone. (I stopped for a couple of weeks, the crows’ feet began re-emerging, and I received comments that I ‘looked tired’……..)
Bottom line: The ingredients are natural (and I am definatly a naturalist), readily available, and of course, there is no added cost! Who in the Western world would have thought?
Watermelon: Nature’s natural wrinkle eraser!