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Fast-breaking bloating relief…..

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

My good friend is experiencing extreme bloating once she breaks her mandatory fast at 8pm during Ramadan. She also becomes very lathargic and sleepy after eating so late in the day. Following the suggestion to consume two to three pieces of ginger before and during her dinner, and to drink gingerale with her food, she was delighted to report that most of her bloating was abated and she no longer experienced stomach pains after eating. She also found that she was able to recover from her lathargic and sleepy feeling quicker after dinner.
Ginger is extremely effective with digestion problems, and reduces the gas produced from heavy foods, or late night eating, thus significantly reducing if not completely eliminating extreme bloating. Ginger can be eaten raw, either as a codiment such as Japanese pickled ginger, or grated, sliced, julienned and added as a spice to prepared food. Or it is very tasty preserved and candied. It is even effective on bloating and for nausea when consumed as a beverage, either as a tea or as gingerale.
Happy Ramadan. And may this piece of natural therapy (ginger) help all my friends who experience bloating, indigestion, and or nausea after breaking their fast.