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How to prevent seasickness and/or remedy/treatment for airsickness

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

About a year and a half ago, while chatting with my mother over a cup of herbal tea, the conversation came around to my penchant to airsickness and seasickness. I have always gotten air, car, and seasick. In fact, I travel–I get nauseated. After unmercifully suffering until my early 20’s, my grandmother finally put me on track to the anti-nausea effects of ginger. Whether candied, raw, or pickled, it has been my lifesaver. Ever since, I have very much enjoyed traveling by any means!

Now, not to be outdone by her mother-in-law, my mother told me of an easier ‘sure-fire’ cure for this inconvenient malady of air, car, and sea. With alert anticipation, I awaited her revelation. She proceeded with a ‘scientific’ explanation of why this secret actually worked which stretched my imagination. But at the same time, an open-mind could see the possibility of correlation to modern physics. She explained how this little common article ‘stabilized’ the body’s center of balance; a throwback to floating in the womb, and being ‘connected’ to a ‘universal-one’ of fluid movement: a ‘bandage’ of ‘repair’ for the cut umbilical cord, if you will. This little device reportedly takes motion sickness out of the realm of possibilities by providing a small, almost unnoticeable element of a motion-stabilizing effect or ‘connection’ which was lost (cut off), after birth. Strategically placed across the belly button, it is said to provide the freedom to be bounced and tossed around in air, car and on the sea without experiencing any nausea or any remnant of motion sickness.

When she got through her description and explanation, and the final warning not to laugh, I was enraptured, and exceptionally curious about her recent discovery

Then, after swearing me to secrecy, she quietly divulged her secret. I responded with the unthinkable: For the next 10 minutes, I could not stop laughing. My funny bone had been tickled. No, more than that…….it was an outright assault on humour. Even the thought of it now releases those feel-good endorphins throughout my body. A smile ensues, and sometimes even a small chuckle escapes. This very intelligent senior woman, whose serious attitude demands respect and homage, shares such a secret expecting somber acceptance, is quite a stretch for any human. She is deadpan serious about this effective cure for motion sickness passed on to her by a best friend, who is a renowned European scientist.

At first, it may sound beyond reasonable belief. However, with some pensive scientific thought…..and added that this cure works quite well for her and many of her friends, there is possibility. Her guarded secret: A common household bandage!

Whether purely psychologically effective, or with a sound basis in science, I personally have not tried her ‘miracle cure’. I prefer to stick with my tried and true ginger as my proven effective remedy for motion sickness. However, having said this, if I am ever in dire straights traveling without my trusty ginger at hand, I may just stop laughing long enough to try her ’band-aid‘ remedy!