Soothing and Relaxing Herbal Sachet–Promotes Restfull Sleep

An Herbal Pillow to Soothe the Nerves and Quieten the Brain Woodruff produces the sweet scent of hay when it is dry, and is therefore very pleasing and relaxing to the nerves. Both peppermint and chamomile are relaxing scents that are fresh, clean and calming. This is also an excellent sachet to soothe nervous tension causing headaches. You may also wish to try other sachets and pillow herbal combinations included in blog to promote restful sleep, to delicately scent your lingerie and linens, or simple moth repellents and other crawling insect deterrents. All are included in this blog under the ‘Miscellaneous Category’.

½ cup dried peppermint

½ cup dried chamomile

¼ cup dried woodruff

  1. Combine the peppermint, chamomile and woodruff in a small bowl.
  2. Divide this mixture evenly between 2 small muslin sachet bags. Secure with a rubber band, then tie with a generous length of ribbon.
  3. Place one of your ‘nighttime’ sachets in your pillowcase, between the pillow and case to enjoy a very pleasant calming and restful sleep.

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