Skin tags and flat warts

Hello, I am new to this, but am willing to give it a try…….
A week ago, my son who recently moved to BC from Ontario, became concerned about the emergence of several small flat warts and skin tags on his face, in particular.
Knowing that he drinks little water, I advised him to increase his uptake of natural water to at least 10-12 glasses a day ( a little higher than the medical recommendations), to help eliminate the accumulated toxins from his system. (He drinks mainly bottled water, and there is now sufficient documentation showing that bottled water is not as healthy as tap water—plastic toxins leach into the water from the bottle, and usually the chemical additives to the water to keep it from becoming ‘stale’, obviously affect the ‘purity’ advertised). The added benefit of drinking local tap water, is that local tap water contains (obviously), local natural minerals that are beneficial to the system and easily assimilated as the body requires to maintain optimal health.
The reasoning behind advising him to drink more water is as follows:
The skin is the largest organ on the body, and through sweat (mainly) helps eliminate toxins when the body is sufficiently hydrated. Low hydration, and the body seeks other methods to eliminated the toxins from everyday pollution, etc, such as ‘errupting’ skin tags (small sweat glands turned inside out), and even flat warts and so called ‘age’ spots will appear in youth, all indicating a lack of sufficient internal body hydration.
Because he has moved from Ontario to BC, his system needs time to adjust to all the new environmental exposures, and during this process of adjustment his body is eliminating the accumulated Ontario toxins. Normally, this process is through the body’s natural waste removal system (bowel movements and urine, sweat, etc) but with lack of sufficient hydration, the body will seek other removal methods…ie. skin tags–and flat warts (which are largely caused by bacterial elimination increase through the skin ).
I also suggested that he eat foods containing parsley (such as taboleah) to help cleanse his blood, and to drink chamoile tea to increase urine flow (thus facilitating accumulated toxin elimination). Since BC has so many parks filled with trees, I also suggested that he start taking long walks through the parks, and inhale deeply the oxygen enriched air (from the trees), as he enjoyed the countryside.
Yesterday, he told me that he has followed my advice, and has noticed a definate clearing of his skin.
Has anyone else experienced skin problems such as these with moving across country, and if so, what have you found to be a successful natural treatment? Please feel free to add a comment below.

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