September 24–3 classes in one night

September 24—Fitness Update

Bodystep to start out with. Good instructor, Tammy…music was not too loud, and she could be easily heard from my spot 26. Tonight I was having more difficulty following the change ups. Could be because yesterday I found a hidden cache of candy, and absolutely had to sample some of the different kinds to see if they were still ‘good’ or needed to be discarded! Yeah, right….I’ve heard that excuse before. But, nonetheless, I did eat a handful or two. So much for the pound I lost on Monday! Then too, I caved into the craving I had for KFC and was urged to buy 2 (instead of just one) Twoonie Tuesday specials. Which by the way, are no longer only a toonie! Okay, back to the workout. Worked hard following the high and low impact workout on the stepboard utilizing 3 height levels, and worked up a sweat. Even did the pushups at the end of the class this time! Hmm, fitness must be improving. Face red, indicating elevated heart rate. Should have been good for a few calories….

Second class has been one that I wanted to attend from the first week I joined this club. It has a huge and appealing hype…..Bodyam. It is touted as a ‘dance inspired cardio workout to the latest dance styles and the hottest new sounds.’ I expected the class to be full. Great, a chance to learn new dance steps! However, there was only one other lady, my age, when we started. Our instructor, Samaya, rounded up a few of the other instructors and staff, and then as we started our second routine a few other members wandered in and joined. Definitely a cardio workout, if you can follow all the moves. Mostly low impact with some ‘bouncing’ and ‘jumping’ required towards the end of the class. Lots of various hip movements.

Very surprised that there weren’t men in the group, if only to watch! (Maybe when the women are more ‘expert’ with their sensually seductive moves, men will be attracted to the class……or is this being a little stereotypical?)

Samaya went through the moves in her definition of ‘slow motion’, had the group try it twice then sped it up to ‘regular’ time to the continuous play music tract….which by the way, was ‘damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead’! The only criticism I have of this enchanting instructor is that I would have appreciated a little more ‘slow motion teaching’ of the moves before attempting to keep up with the real-time music. Even when I was young and quick to pick up new moves, I needed to practice a few more times before trying to ‘put it all together’. And the two young women in our group were even having some difficulty ‘putting it all together’ to the music. It was probably good advice given when she told us to come away from the mirrors and ‘just have fun with it’. I did notice that she either kept her eyes semi shut, or looked way above our heads as she went through the routines. I firmly believe that was her way of avoiding watching the few older ladies and laughing out loud at our ‘rough’ movements which came so easily and poetically gracefully to her. She was an extremely enthusiastic instructor, and had a wonderful way of encouraging all of us to try these moves regardless of our expertise, assuring us to have fun with it and our moves would come.

Because I enjoyed Samaya’s method of teaching by encouragement so much, and since she was also doing the next class, Bodyflow, and that she specifically asked me if I was going to stay, like a little schoolgirl I readily agreed to stay. The thought that perhaps 3 classes back to back might be a little too much for me crossed my mind. And Bodyflow was the class where I pulled my back muscle a couple of weeks ago. But, I reasoned that I could ‘take it easy’ not attempting the more advanced moves, and be careful of any back stretches, and all would be fine.

Again, this instructor’s routine was wonderful. Different from the other two Bodyflow classes I had taken. (It appears that each class instructor follows a different routine for her class, but is consistent in that routine for the season. In this way, it will accommodate members at different fitness levels and flexibility.) The tai chi and pilates portion of the class went well. I followed along easily. A very calming and centering class. Doing the stretches at the end, just before the 8 minute meditation, my back on the right side ‘tweeked’. So I did the meditation sitting up in a lotus position rather than laying down. No problem. Samaya lead all of us through the meditation portion mentioning changes for both those laying down or sitting up. Very professional.

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