Natural Hair Care Products

Reading the long list of chemical ingredients shown on labels of modern shampoos, conditioners, lighteners and brighteners can be very enlightening and daunting. These store-bought preparations may act quickly, but their effect is often short-lived and their harshness can cause other problems for your hair.

Herbal ingredients, together with natural soaps and oils, work more slowly but thoroughly, enriching and conditioning all types of hair, helping to eliminate dandruff and never harming the delicate structure of your hair because of their very ‘naturalness’. Throughout the ages, many a poet has lauded a woman’s tresses as her ‘crowning glory. Through time, even men have taken an avid interest in how their hair looks, feels, and the first impression it helps to create.

Of course, it goes without saying, even the most effective herbal treatments used today, are limited to their outward effectiveness unless the body is also nourished from the inside. This can only be accomplished by eating a balanced diet coupled with proper hydration. Ensuring that you eat a variety of in-season raw colorful fruits and vegetables daily, accompanied by the RDA amount of water, goes a very long way to maintaining a healthy body which also manifests in healthy hair. This then, along with the following natural homemade herbal products will indeed help to create a magnificent ‘crowning glory’.

During the last 40 years, I collected and compiled herbal recipes for natural hair care which had been handed down to me from family and friends of a wide variety of ethnicities. Some of these recipes are shared here– including treatments, dyes, rinses, tonics, conditioners, and ways and ideas to keep our tresses growing and healthy. Most of these hair treatments have cute or humorous personal stories and antidotes, and I have included some of these stories for your amusement and interest. I hope you find what you are looking for amoung the recipes for hair tonics, rinses, conditioners, hair (re)growth, and dandruff treatments found listed in the “Herbal Hair Care” categories section of this blog. “Bon hair care!”

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