Homemade Herbal Scented Rinses

Homemade Herbal Scented Rinses—A scented rinse is made by simply adding lavender water, rosewater, elderflower water or orange-flower water to your final rinse when washing your hair. A strong infusion of herbs is both pleasantly scented and beneficial to your scalp and hair health. You can either use the scented rinses on their own, or add in vinegar or lemon juice to ensure that all soap and shampoo residue is removed from your scalp and hair. (Soap and/or shampoo residue left on the scalp is one of the leading causes of dandruff and/or hair loss because the residue buildup ‘suffocates’ both the skin and hair follicles. More information is given on the dandruff section)

Make your own inexpensive hair rinse with one of the herbs suggested; or use a combination of the listed dried herbs; or you can use a mixture of any dried herbs whose scent and properties best suit your hair’s needs. Keep your herbal preparation in a tightly stoppered jar in the bathroom cabinet between applications.

Check out specific all natural herbal hair care recipes provided on this site, such as; Scented rinse for blonde hair, Scented rinse for dark hair,  Rinse for out-of-condition hair, or Lemon Verbenna hair rinse.



1. Pour 2 cups of boiling water over a handful of selected dried herbs, or 2 handfuls of fresh herbs before washing your hair. Leave it to infuse in a covered teapot or pan.

2.Strain this resulting infusion into your final rinsing water, thoroughly soaking your hair with it.

3. For all 3 of the recipes below, add a strong infusion to your final rinsing water.


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