Grandma’s Lavender Sachets and Pillows

Lavender Sachets—Lavender sachets are always a welcome gift, and several sachets kept among the linens (or hung in a closet), will impart a fragrance that makes clean sheets even more inviting. These little sachets and pillows have long been made and used by most of our grandmothers. That is another reason that the lavender aroma is sooooo soothing—for most of us, this pleasing fragrance sparks wonderful memories of our grandmothers and great-grandmothers long past! For more herbal sachet recipes, go to blog, and check under the ‘Miscellaneous’ Category. Lavender has long been known to help overpower musty and unsanitary smells.

Small calico or muslin bags

lavender flowers

rubber bands

Ribbon, as preferred

selection of dried flowers, choose ones that are most pleasing for you ( a chart of herbs and their fragrent uses is available under the ‘Hair Care’ category)

sprigs of dried herbs (optional)

  1. Fill the bags with the dried lavender flowers, and secure the open tops with a rubber band. Do not overfill these bags, or they will be difficult to tie shut.
  2. Tie the neck of the bag with a ribbon and decorate with a selection of dried flowers, attached with a hot glue gun. One of the most effective ways to decorate the bags is to use a couple of dried rose buds and perhaps a sprig of lavender or other herb of choice.

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