As everyone knows, if you want something done successfully the first time, go back to the basics. This also applies with guaranteed weight loss strategies. Researchers put 300 overweight adults on two very different diet plans. Not too surprisingly, it was discovered that the people who ate a variety of meals based on the USDA’s dietary guidelines lost 3 times more weight than those following the diet that focused on lowering fat.

Through all the research and hype with new ‘diet breakthroughs’, etc, certain factors proved to be consistent with successful weight loss, repeating time and again. Below are listed 4 of these consistent ‘rules’, enough to get you started in the right direction. (for healthy recipes, herbal remedies, general information, fitness ideas, etc, please check out the category’ sections of

1. Eat a cookie. Participants stayed satisfied by enjoying a daily 100 calorie ‘bonus treat’ serving such as salad dressing, butter, or even an occasional sweet. Denying yourself completely, only sets you up for irresitable cravings and failure.

2. Downsize your kitchen ware. To keep portion sizes under control: grab a juice glass instead of a tall one, a salad plate instead of the oversized kind, and teaspoons instead of serving spoons of condiments and sauces.

3. Plan for the future. Create a seven-day menu, and shop now, when you can make a weeks worth of smart choices at once. Shopping on a full stomach will also help you stick to your healthy choices, easily passing on the ‘impulse’ junk food purchases.

4. Have an orange a day. Since no one seems to get enough, participants added an extra fruit, vegetable, or low-fat dairy product to each of their meals. This is as simple as an orange at breakfast, yogurt at lunch, and a salad with dinner. Squeeze in extra nutrition every chance you get.

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