Effective Herbal Hair Conditioners

Effective Herbal Hair Conditioners

Garlic Conditioner—With garlic’s strong antiseptic properties, it becomes a very effective and useful aid in healing several scalp conditions. As an added bonus, it will help put the sheen back into your dull and lifeless hair. In addition, the castor oil in this recipe softens and strengthens your hair. To minimize any garlic ‘after-scent’, shampoo your hair with your favorite fragrance after this treatment!

10 large cloves of garlic, crushed

½ cup castor oil, heated

1. Stir the garlic and castor oil thoroughly. Cover and infuse for 2 days.

2.  Strain this mixture into a bottle; cover and label

To use: Massage the oil into your scalp. Wrap your head in a towel, then leave it on undisturbed for about an hour. Shampoo thoroughly.

Rosemary-oil Conditioner—This is the best all-round natural hair tonic and conditioner, and is less oily than most other conditioners. Gently rubbing it into your scalp after shampooing gives added luster and body to your hair.

2 drops of oil of rosemary

1 T almond oil

1 T glycerin

1 T lanolin

1 egg (use yolk only, for dry hair)

1. Combine the above oils, the glycerin and the lanolin in the top of a double boiler, Warm gently.

2. Remove the pan from the heat, then beat in the egg.

3. Gently rub this conditioning oil into your scalp and hair after shampooing, leaving it on for 10 minutes.

4. Rinse thoroughly with tepid water (NOT hot, as this will cook the egg in your hair!)

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