Delightfully Refreshing Iced Lavender-Mint tea Punch

Iced Lavender-Mint Tea Punch

If fresh herbs are available, use twice as many as you would of the dried. In the summer, you may prefer to make a Sun Tea instead of boiling the water. You may add the lavender to the jar when you bring it in from the sun to cool.

6 tsp dried mint, or a little more if you prefer, for a stronger tea

6 cups boiling water

T dried lavender blossoms

1 litre bottle ginger ale

1 cup purple grape juice

Ice cubes, with a fresh mint leaf frozen in each

Place mint in a teapot, add the boiling water and steep for 10 minutes. Then add your lavender blossoms to the pot, set aside and allow your tea to cool. Strain. Then add the ginger ale grape juice and ice cubes.

For added visual effect, you may float extra fresh lavender buds and mint sprigs on top of your punch, especially effective when you are serving it in a decorative punch bowl..

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