Beneficial Herbs for your Hair

Herbs for the Hair

Hair Type Herb

Dry Comfrey, marsh mallow

Greasy Lavender, peppermint

Dull & Lifeless Fennel, parsley, rosemary, garlic

Fair Chamomile flowers

Dark Comfrey, rosemary, sage, thyme

Auburn Pot marigold petals

To treat dandruff Bergamot, mint, parsley, sage, southernwood, thyme

General Conditioners Birch leaves, horsetail stems, marjoram, rosemary, thyme

Encourage Hair Growth Catmint, garlic, onions, nasturtium leaves, southernwood leaves

Soften & Cleanse Chamomile, lime, witch hazel

To Tame Fly-Away Hair—To tame and smooth down fly-away hair after shampooing, and to give it that natural gloss and shine, simply sprinkle a few drops of oil of rosemary onto a natural bristle hair brush and give your hair a thorough brushing. The rosemary stimulates your scalp and helps draw the natural oils along hair shafts, thereby nourishing the length of your hair.

Effective and Quick Cheap Dry Shampoo—Because we sometimes are in such a hurry we don’t have the time to wash, dry, and style our hair, this provides an effective and quick cleaning alternative.

1tsp powdered orris root 2 tsp powdered arrowroot

  1. Combine the two powders together in a small bowl. Put the mixed powders into a small shaker bottle with holes in the lid.
  2. Systematically part the hair over your head, sprinkling some of the absorbent powder along each parting.
  3. Leave it on undisturbed for 5 minutes.
  4. Then, brush vigorously until the powder, dirt and excess oils are gone. Clean and wash your brush after each ‘dry shampoo’

(Fine cornmeal mixed with a drop or two of rosemary oil can also be used the same way.)

To Prevent Hair Loss and Encourage Hair GrowthCommon garden herbs that can be used to strengthen fine hair and prevent hair loss are: southernwood, mallow roots, parsley seed, rosemary and catmint.

Any of these can be simmered in vinegar, (cider or regular white), wine or oil (vegetable, olive, or castor oil), and used as strengthening hair rubs. Rosemary and catmint may slightly darken fair hair.

(Garlic and chili rubs are also proven very effective in stimulating the circulation in your scalp and increasing hair growth, but it can be somewhat difficult to rinse out their strong smell.)

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