All natural Sweet-smelling Moth Repellant–3

Herbal Moth Bags—Moths dislike any pungent herbal fragrance. Herbs such as tansy and southerwood work very effectively, but lavender is perhaps the most irritating to them, and the most pleasing to us. Rather than suffer through clothes infused with the mothball fragrance to deter these pesky moths, you may wish to include these sachets in your closet instead. has a few other herbal combinations to deter pests from around your home that are worth trying. Besides being environmentally friendly, these pest deterrents are also pleasant smelling to us, and easy to make. Check out the ‘Miscellaneous Category’ in this blog for other interesting herbal combinations.

2 cups dried lavender flowers

1 cup dried tansy leaves

2 cups dried southerwood

2 crushed cinnamon sticks

1 tsp orrisroot

small burlap bags

small rubber bands

ribbon or cord, as preferred

  1. Mix all of the above ingredients together in a small bowl. Bag some of the mixture into small thin-weave burlap bags. Secure the necks of the bags with a rubber band.
  2. You may wish to decorate your herbal moth bags with a length of cord or ribbons, then hang them in your wardrobes, closets, or simple place one or two in your sweater drawers.

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