All-around Healthy Homemade Adult Cat Food (with vitamin supplement)

For an all-around basic healthy homemade cat food suitable for your adult cat, this recipe is versatile in that you can either vary the meat chosen for variety, or tailor it to meet a finicky cat’s tastes. No matter which meat you choose, with the addition of a good quality multi vitamin your family pet is sure to obtain a well-balanced healthy meal without the preservatives and chemical additives contained in store bought food. (for more pet food recipes for specific needs; herbal remedies/cures; and so much more, please check the ‘category’ section of All-around Healthy Homemade Adult Cat Food recipe will yield approximately 1 quart of delicious food for an adult cat.

Ingredients : 3 lbs turkey/chicken gizzards, liver, heart etc

1 c brewers yeast

1 c finely grated carrot

c oatmeal

1 T tri-calcium phosphate (available from drug/health store)

1 T corn oil

3 multi vitamins for cats (available from your local pet food store)

  1. Combine the meat, brewer’s yeast, carrot, oatmeal and tri-calcium phosphate in a large saucepot. Cover will water, then simmer just until the meat is tender, and everything is cooked through.
  2. Remove the mixture from stove, then stir in the corn oil and vitamins.
  3. Place all the cooked ingredients into a blender, and blend until it is very smooth.
  4. Divide your homemade All-around Basic Homemade Cat Food into daily serving portions.
  5. Label, and then freeze your cat food in small containers, defrosting and serving as required. (You can make up a couple batches at a time using different meats in order to have a little variety available for your pet’s palate)

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